Our story

Do you still remember the colourful fields of flowers from your childhood? The nourishing touch of the greater plaintain or the sunny marigolds? If the delicious herbs, leeks, garlics and tea ingredients of your mother’s vegetable patch continue to entice your taste buds, if just the thought of a herb-seasoned fish dish makes your mouth water, you will share the same feelings as the founders of Yrttiaika. As a result of the strong expertise and skills of five female entrepreneurs, what started as a child’s love for nature, has developed during adulthood into the Yrttiaika products that nurture the body and pamper the taste buds.

Five entrepreneurs, one common dream: To preserve the vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants of the
Arctic area in to delicious and healthy natural products.

For Kati Haipus from Calendan Yrtit, this dream began in her early childhood from her love for nature, but
the young gardener's final step in to the rich world of herbs was provided by the articles in the Voi Hyvin
magazine that dealt with holistic well-being. Nowadays, Kati cultivates more than ten different species of
herbs, and their combinations are both delicious and health-promoting. Many upset tummies can thank
Kati's handmade herbal drinks for quietening the worst of their rumbles.

Soila Nyman from Kurkela farm also found their common dream in the midst of childhood; florist roleplays
turned in to the management of a herb farm, this was hardly a leap for a phytotherapist! At Kurkela farm,
Soila prepares creams, ointments and treatment oils for humans and animals, and the herbs and wild herbs
used in them, such as meadowsweet, common yarrow and marigold, grow in the fields and road sides of
the farm.

All the paths to the common dream have not however started during childhood, but instead from
experiences during adulthood. In her work as a neural pathway masseur, Lea “Lenkki” Keränen constantly
saw feet that were poorly looked after. This led to her developing herb-based well-being products for her
customers. With the sharp eyes of an agrologist and the skilled hands of a masseur, Lenkki collects the

herbs from the pure nature of Siikalatva, and particularly the sea salt-based foot bath salts and soaps have
found their place in many Finnish homes.

The same desire to help people appreciate their own well-being also inspired horticulturist Eija
Marjomaa, and over the years her hobby to gather flowers developed in to her establishing her very own
herb farm called Ryytiranta. Deep in the heart of the countryside, at the bank of beautiful River Oulujoki,
she works tirelessly for the well-being of Finns. The nettle-fertilised agricultural land is full of delicious
plants similar to garlic, while there are fiery chilies growing in the greenhouse, and the chili salt made with
them brings some jazz to any dining table.

The call to increase knowledge about nature’s gifts is also a strong influence in the life of Yrttiaika´s
archipelago-based representative. When Aira Kurikka, the carrying power of Villivoima, is not collecting
ingredients at Hailuoto which has been shaped by the waves of the sea, she is organising training courses
for anyone interested in pure natural products. Aira’s spruce tip syrups and berry marmalades are
unparalleled, because she personally ensures that each delicacy has just the right taste.

Several different dreams, but each Yrttiaika entrepreneur are joined by the same burning love towards
northern nature. We warmly welcome you to enjoy the fruit of our common dream – the continuously
growing product family, which promotes well-being and offers pure flavours on the basis of traditional and
researched knowledge as well as the strong expertise of herbs and natural plants. When a hot drink is
waiting for its first sip, a relaxing bath for its first dip or a delicious meal for its first bite, you know in your
heart that it is Yrttiaika (‘Herb time’).