About us

Yrttiaika’s products are made of Finnish herbs. The purity and midnight sun of the north ensure that the raw ingredients are of high quality. They are dried at the correct temperature, so that they retain their green colour, vitamins, antioxidants and aromatic scent. We only use carefully selected and appropriately handled raw ingredients in the products - it is a guarantee of quality. The products’ effect is based on the active substances in the plants. We utilise folklore and researched information in our product development.

Raw ingredients
Natural cosmetics mainly consist of cosmetics that are made using natural ingredients. We use e.g.
nutritious plant oils and nourishing herbal infusions as raw ingredients. They do not include synthetic
fragrances, colourants, silicones or mineral oils. Our natural cosmetics have been legally assessed in terms
of safety. The products are never animal-tested.

We use herbs that have been grown as naturally as possible in our food products and natural cosmetics,
even if they are not all produced organically. The products also contain wild vegetables. Herbs and wild
vegetables offer new flavours to the dining table as well as nourishing effects in cosmetics. They have
several health benefits. They increase e.g. vitality, reduce stress, prevent infections, care for the skin and
improve the immune system. The use of herbs and wild vegetables is ecological as they only contribute to
a small carbon footprint.

The products are hand-made, in small batches. We do not have large stocks, but instead we produce the
products upon order, and in this way ensure the freshness of the products. Our production plant is similar
to an industrial kitchen. The main machines include herb driers, tilting pots and various different blenders.
They are used to produce both tasty seasonings and nourishing creams.

Shelf life
Our products are only slightly processed, in other words they are natural. With this, we aim for them to
contain as many ingredients as possible that care for the body both internally and externally. Therefore, all
our food products and natural cosmetics, which do not contain water, do not contain preservatives either.
Products that are water-free last, in principle, for 1 ½ – 2 years.

Packaging material
The starting point in selecting packaging materials is environmental friendliness and recyclability. Most of
our products have been packaged in easily recyclable paper bags, carton and glass jars. We also use plastic
for some of the products, because it logically makes more sense. However, we shall seek alternative
options for plastic as packaging materials develop.