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Nettle shampoo

Nettle shampoo is suitable for dark hair. Nettle revitalizes surface blood circulation, increases hair growth, prevents baldness and removes dandruff. Shampoo bar is an ecological way to treat hair, it has a biodegradable composition. It does not contain synthetic tensides which may dry the scalp and cause skin irritation. Unscented. The empty packaging can be placed in cardboard recycling.

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How to use:

Dampen hair and shampoo, rub a piece of shampoo directly into your hair until foaming, rinse with warm water and foam again if necessary. After the first wash, the hair may feel a little leathery and sticky, but the reaction disappears as you continue to apply the product. This step can take up to a few weeks. To reduce possible smudging, you can rinse with apple wine-vinegar-water or lemon-water mixture to close the scalp. The more processed the hair, the longer it can take to get used to the new shampoo. Store soap on a tray with holes in the bottom.


Sodium, Olea Europaean Fruit Oil, Sodium Cocos Nucifera Oil, Urtica Dioica Extract and Aqua


Lea Keränen, Siikalatva

Packing size 75-80 gram