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Herbal resin ointment

Contains pine resin and herbal extracts. The herbal resin cream is suitable for treating animal wounds and skin damage. It also calms itching caused by horsefly bites and bee stings.The effect of the herbal resin cream is based on pine resin (15%) and herbal extracts. Resin contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It promotes the healing of wounds and skin damage, as well as rapid wound closure. Meadowsweet has been used in folklore e.g. to remove pain. Common yarrow and plaintain have been used to treat wounds as well as in remedies for removing pain. Marigold has been used to care for the skin and heal wounds.

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Herbal resin cream is thinly applied directly on to the cleansed wound or graze as soon as they have occurred. It can be applied several times a day until the wound has healed. Store in room temperature.


Rapeseed oil, Spruce (15%), beeswax, meadowsweet extract, marigold extract, yarrow extract and plantain extract


Puutarha Ryytiranta, Vaala

Packing size 55 ml